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Animal Crossing Mario update is coming in March

Some more changes are coming to New Horizons.

New Horizons continues to be one of the best Nintendo Switch games because new updates and experiences keep getting added to it. Nintendo recently teased that an Animal Crossing Mario update is coming in March. However, no specifics have been revealed on the matter just yet. Fortunately, we have past Animal Crossing games to go off of to figure out what might happen that month. As always, we’ll update when more information becomes available, but until then, here’s our educated guess.

Is Mario coming to Animal Crossing?

The big man has never come to a past Animal Crossing game. As such, I’m more inclined to think that we won’t see the plumber or any other Mushroom Kingdom friends but instead will be able to get cool Mario-themed clothes and items as was done in past games. Of course, Nintendo could have a surprise in store for us. I’ll keep my ear to the ground and will update when I learn more.

Past Animal Crossing Mario cameos

In City Folk, players eventually were able to add Mario clothing and decorations to their inventory. Some items reacted when touched, while others were completely stationary. I love how they took eight-bit items and created them in a 3D space. Hopefully, some or all of these items come to New Horizons in March.

  • ? Block
  • 1-Up Mushroom
  • Brick Block
  • Cannon
  • Coin
  • Fire Bar
  • Fire Flower
  • Flagpole
  • Green Pipe
  • Koopa Shell
  • Starman
  • Super Mushroom
  • Toad Hat
  • Mario Hat
  • Luigi Hat

Is Zelda coming to Animal Crossing?

In addition to Mario items, players could also collect Zelda decorations and clothes in past Animal Crossing titles. Since Mario is making its way into New Horizons, I fully expect Zelda items to come into the Switch game as well. Here are some of those items from past games.

  • Heart
  • Heart Container
  • Hero of Time Scroll
  • Hylian Shield
  • Master Sword
  • Lon Lon Milk
  • Rupee
  • Termina’s Moon
  • Hyrule Wall
  • Zelda Floor
  • Triforce
  • Gossip Stone
  • Fairy Bottle
  • Bomb
  • Cucco Ornament
  • Treasure Chest

Animal Crossing Mario update

I can’t wait to see what Nintendo has in store for us come March. At the very least, I expect Mario furniture and clothing, but maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised with some additional crossovers.

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