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Create gorgeous countdown widgets for your iPhone with this app

What you need to know

  • Countdown Widget Maker makes countdown widgets for your iPhone.

Whether it’s Christmas or a big new movie release, this app can count you down.

Sometimes having something to look forward to can be a huge deal for us, especially as we get closer to the second March of 2020! Counting down to anything, whether a birthday, new movie release, or just the monthly takeaway – it can all help with our state of mind. Why not make those countdowns look gorgeous and slap them onto your iPhone Home screen?

Countdown Widget Maker is designed to help out with that. The app itself is just there to help you create the widgets because it’s those widgets that are the real stars of the show. You can customize those widgets with different text, emoji, backgrounds, and even images to add an extra layer of fun. And it’s all full of the kind of whimsy that we’re all missing right now.


Create a Widget with your custom design in a matter of seconds.
You can choose from eight Countdown styles (we are already working on more) and make them your own by adding your personal touch:

  • Change background colors.
  • Use photos from your phone Photo Library or from our preset gallery.
  • Choose from a curated list of fonts that go well with each specific style.
  • Each Widget you make will automatically be available in small or medium sizes.
  • Change the design anytime later.

As someone with more than a couple of these widgets on my Home screen, I can heartily recommend this app. You can download it from the App Store now for free. An in-app purchase is available for those who want to unlock all of the styles, too.

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