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Don’t carry around your new MacBook Air bare! Get a case!

The best MacBook Air cases will not only keep your MacBook Air safe from scratches or scuffs on that beautiful finish, but it also allows you to add your personal flair to your Mac laptop. Unlike the best MacBook Air sleeves, you can keep your case on when you’re working, so you’re never without protection. That means if you bought the newest MacBook Air, you don’t have to worry about damaging it. Some cases are more heavy-duty than others, but if you plan on commuting with your MacBook Air regularly, a case is a good investment. Whether you want something flashy or something classy, carry around your new MacBook Air in something to protect it when you’re on the move. Here are the best MacBook Air cases you can find right now.

Keyboard cover included

ProCase MacBook Air Case

Staff Favorite

Minimalist in design, this clear polycarbonate case covers the top and bottom of your MacBook Air, preventing scratches and minor scuffs from damaging your laptop. The case even raises onto the sides of the device, so it should help protect the corners as well. The ProCase also comes with an included silicone keyboard covers, so it will keep crumbs and other debris from getting into the keys.

From $15 at Amazon

Heavy-duty protection

IBENZER Hexpact MacBook Air

If you don’t mind a unique-looking case and want protection, the Hexpact comes with full-body, dual-layer protection. A hard polycarbonate shell encompasses the whole device, making it much less likely to get scratched or scuffed, and a TPU outer casing that is meant to absorb the shock of bumps and drops.

$30 at Amazon

Outstanding patterns

MOSISO MacBook Air Case

If you’re looking for a case that can make a splash, the MOSISO MacBook Air case comes in many different eye-catching patterns, so your MacBook Air can stand out from the crowd. With a precise cutout for all the ports along the side, it’s easy to charge, plug-in peripherals, or listen to music via the headphone jack. MOSISO even throws in a Keyboard dust cover and a screen protector.

$19 at Amazon $21 at Walmart

Tilt your MacBook

ProCase Slim Hard Shell

The Pro Case Slim Hard Shell is made of two layers that snap together, surrounding your MacBook Air in total protection. The hard anti-scratch coating will prevent your MacBook Air from getting dinged up, while the heat vents in the bottom should help the MacBook Air when you’re pushing it to its limit. It also comes with little legs that act as a stand so you can angle your MacBook Air for a more comfortable typing experience.

From $29 at Amazon

Slim and lightweight

Top Case Rubberized Hard Cover

The Top Case Rubberized Hard Cover is a slim and lightweight case that wraps your MacBook Air in light protection for all the minimalists out there. With rubber feet on the bottom of the case, your MacBook Air won’t slide around on tables, and the cooling fans will have the space they need to cool your laptop properly. It comes in a wide variety of colors, so you should be able to find the perfect hue for you!

$15 at Amazon

Protect against bumps

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series Case

If you want something as tough as possible, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a case better than the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series case. With a wrap-around bumper that covers not only the top and bottom of your MacBook Air but also the edges, SUPCASE will ensure that no harm should come to your laptop. It’s precise cutouts for the Thunderbolt ports, speakers, and Touch ID means you won’t have to worry about the case interfering with any functions.

$32 at Walmart

A case for everyone

As we mention in our MacBook Air with M1 review, the laptop is extremely light and portable, and the best MacBook Air cases mentioned above are a significant investment to keep it looking great and free from scuffs. Don’t forget, these cases only fit the MacBook Air — if you use a MacBook Pro, you’ll need the best MacBook Pro cases.

For the MacBook Air, I like the ProCase for its minimalist design and included keyboard cover which will stop the keyboard from getting dirty — super important if you’re using a MacBook Air with a butterfly keyboard.

Of course, if you want protection because you’re worried you’ll damage your MacBook Air, the ProCase Slim Hard Shell will quell your fears. Its multi-layered design is perfect for absorbing shocks, and its hard shell will keep scratches at bay.

Lastly, if you’re mostly looking for a case that adds a little pizzazz to your MacBook Air, the MOSISO MacBook Air Case has a ton of colorful designs to choose from, making it the perfect accessory to glam up your tech.

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