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Don’t let that new Apple Watch SE get scratched — get a screen protector

While you may know everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Series SE, you may be wondering if a screen protector is necessary. Considering you likely wear your Apple Watch everywhere you go while doing all sorts of activities, it’s often put in situations that can cause damage. The best Apple Watch SE screen protectors will give you solid protection and pair really nicely with your best Apple Watch bands, which will allow you to feel at ease knowing your screen won’t get scuffed. A screen protector is one of the simplest ways to ensure the display on your Apple Watch stays in mint condition. Here are the best Apple Watch SE screen protectors you can get right now.

All-in-one protection

Misxi Apple Watch hard case (40mm and 44mm)

Staff Favorite

The Misxi Apple Watch hard case is a simple push-on cover for your Apple Watch SE that allows you to protect the screen from scratches and protect the sides of the case from scuffs. Its precise cutouts allow you to move the Digital Crown with ease and access the side button when needed. Plus, it works with any Apple Watch band whether it’s leather, silicone, or metal.

$10 at Amazon

Clear and covered

Smiling Case TPU case for Apple Watch

This clear TPU case with screen protector will keep your Apple Watch looking fresh. It even comes with two screen protectors, so you have a spare just in case.

$7 at Amazon

Quality film six pack

ArmorSuit screen protector (44mm)

Made from scratch-resistant and self-healing film material, the ArmorSuit screen protector won’t yellow over time. Since it comes in a six-pack, if one gets a little dirty or scuffed up, it’s easy to switch to one of the other five. The film has also been designed to resist yellowing over time from exposure to the sun, so your Apple Watch display should remain crystal clear.

$9 at Amazon

Smudge-free protection

LK screen protector (40mm)

This flexible TPU screen protector has curved edges to cover as much of the front glass on the Apple Watch as possible. Plus, thanks to its oleophobic coating, the film is resistant to fingerprints so you shouldn’t smudge your Apple Watch screen as you use it.

$14 at Amazon

Anti-bubble installation

RhinoSkin screen protector (44mm)

A fantastic guide makes it easy to ensure you get a bubble-free installation every time you place a RhinoSkin screen protector. Its wet application technique ensures you can reposition the film as much as you need to get the correct placement. RhinoGear even throws in a microfiber cleaning cloth to make sure you can clean your Apple Watch thoroughly before installation.

$5 at Amazon $10 at Walmart

Glass is best

The best Apple Watch Series SE screen protectors are often tempered glass — just like on your phone — because they offer the best protection for your Apple Watch. It’s why we suggest the Misxi Apple Watch hard case is the way to go. While the sides won’t be as protected as the Smiling Case TPU case offers, it’s all one piece, making it easier to slap on and off whenever you need it.

Flim protectors are cheaper and easier to install, which is why you’ll often find them come in bulk. If a film protector is more your style, we love the RhinoSkin screen protector. Not only do they come in a pack of six, but it has one of the best and easy bubble-free installation guides, so you don’t have to worry about messing up the first time.

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