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Fledging Shell Thunderbolt SSD review: Super fast and now with cooling

Fledging has redesigned its Shell Thunderbolt SSD to excellent effect. With a new larger form factor, an honest-to-goodness fan, plus plenty of venting to circulate the extra air, it no longer feels startlingly hot to the touch after heavy use. Running cool means no thermal throttling and consistent 2GBps plus speeds. The Shell Thunderbolt is also cheaper than Samsung’s popular X5 once you reach 1TB of capacity.

Design and specs

The Fledging Shell Thunderbolt is all-metal and colored in approximately the same hue as your average late model Mac. It measures approximately 3.75-inches long, by 2.5-inches wide, by just over 0.5-inches thick, and weighs a few ounces. I personally like the feel and heft—if you want something flimsy and plastic-y, look elsewhere.

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