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FoodShiner keeps track of your food so it doesn’t get wasted

What you need to know

  • FoodShiner tracks the food you have so it never goes bad without you knowing.

“Prevent Food waste, save Earth.”

Food doesn’t last forever and sometimes it goes bad before we eat it. That’s something we should all be trying to avoid and FoodShiner is an app that helps us do that. The theory is simple – “Prevent Food waste, save Earth.”

Usage is just as simple, too. You tell FoodShiner what food you have, where it is in your home – fridge, freezer, cupboard, down the back of the sofa – and when it will expire. And then you get on with your life. FoodShiner does the rest.

FoodShiner helps you to know what food you have and where. It also keep track of the quantity of each products and its expiration date and reminds you to use them before they are spoiled.

Available for both iPhone and iPad, FoodShiner syncs your data across your devices via CloudKit and multiple people can access the same data via CloudKit sharing, too. Entering new foods is a case of scanning the barcode, and there’s a dark mode for those times you’re diving into the fridge at midnight.

And it’s all free and private!

We believe that food management is very private, after all, the complete consumption of an individual / a family is understandable. Therefore, all data is only stored on your device or, if you wish, in iCloud. There are no registration options, we have no access to your data, we do not create any profiles, we do not receive any metadata, not even statistics on the use of the app and feature usage runs within the app.

You can download FoodShiner from the App Store right now and you absolutely should.

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