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How to download Monster Hunter Rise demo on Switch

Check out the game demo while it’s still available.

For many people, Monster Hunter Rise is the most anticipated game of 2021. Considering all of the cool new Monster Hunter Rise monsters and abilities that have been revealed so far, we can’t help but be totally excited as well. If you can’t wait for the release date, there’s good news: Capcom states that a Monster Hunter Rise Demo is available from January 7th until February 1st at 3AM EST. Here’s how to download it and get playing.

When will the Monster Hunter Ride demo release?

The demo has not gone live yet, despite the Monster Hunter Rise digital event stating that the demo would be available from January 7th through February 1st at 3AM EST. Considering that the Japanese version of the video stated that the demo availability would be from January 8th through February 1st at 5PM, it’s likely that the demo won’t actually go live in the US until midnight on January 7th (effectively making the demo actually release on January 8th).

How to download the Monster Hunter Rise demo on Switch

  1. Go to the Monster Hunter Rise page on Nintendo’s website.
  2. Click Download.
  3. Login to your Nintendo Account if you aren’t already.

As long as you are logged into your Nintendo Account, the demo will automatically start downloading on your Switch. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to start wandering around and experiencing everything the trial has to offer. You will need 1.66GB of free space on your Switch or microSD card to make room for the demo.

Just remember that you only have until February 1st at 3AM EST to play the demo and then it goes away.

What can you do in the Monster Hunter Rise demo?

The demo gives players the ability to experience a single player and local multiplayer mode. If players also have a Nintendo Switch Online membership they will be able to experience online multiplayer as well. You’ll have access to all 14 weapon types and can choose from any of the four quests available. There’s a Beginner Quest that lets you Slay a Great Izuchi and an Intermediate Quest that allows you to Slay a Mizutsune. The other two quests are the Basic Training Quest and the Wyvern Riding Training Quest.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of being able to bind and control a monster while riding its back sounds super cool. I can’t wait to see what cool abilities this opens up while taking down various monsters.

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