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How to set parental controls on iPhone or iPad

As iPhones and iPads become more ubiquitous in children’s hands, setting up parental controls on the devices properly and completely is more critical than ever. Here are ways to set up those controls, including ways to block content, set time limits, and prevent expensive in-app purchases.

How to set parental controls on iPhoneIt’s not uncommon for parents to feel torn about giving their children a smartphone. Smartphones can do a lot of good, giving kids an easy way to check in with parents when they’re on their own. However, it is understandable that parents may find their child unrestricted access to the internet a bit daunting.Apple has come up with a way to give parents a little peace of mind — by providing them with plenty of parental controls. Most of these controls fall under Screen Time, a handy tool that allows parents to restrict access to apps and content while still allowing the child to access critical functions, like texting and calling.

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