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It isn’t just you – TestFlight and App Store Connect are down

What you need to know

  • Both TestFlight and App Store Connect are experiencing an outage.

Not everyone seems to be affected, though.

If you’re having problems with TestFlight or App Store Connect’s app processing, you aren’t alone – Apple’s having a few problems right now.

As 9to5Mac first noted, Apple’s services aren’t in the best of health right now although not everyone is currently being impacted by the outage. The company does say that it is working to bring service back online, however.

While these issues are likely to only affect registered developers, it could potentially prevent people from being able to test apps or submit apps to the App Store – both tasks are pretty important to the whole selling-apps-on-the-App-Store thing.

Hopefully, Apple gets things back up and running sooner rather than later. You can check the current service status for yourselves over on Apple’s services webpage.

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