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JBuds Frames can turn any pair of glasses into audio eyewear

JLab Audio has announced a new take on audio-integrated eyewear with its new JBuds Frames, on-glasses audio that can be used with nearly any pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses.

JLab Audio announces JBuds Frames, allowing customers to turn any pair of glasses into audio eyewearThe big reason to pick up a pair of audio glasses — they don’t block your ears, so you can safely and responsibly listen to your favorite tunes and podcasts. However, they’re often pricy and come in a limited number of styles, some of which may not work for every person’s face. JLab Audio seeks to change that with their new JBuds Frames.Unlike other audio glasses, JBuds Frames allows you to clip two discrete Bluetooth devices to either arm of nearly any pair of glasses. You can use them with your favorite pair of sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, or favorite blue-light blocking glasses.

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