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Keep track of rocket launches with the free Spacetime app

What you need to know

  • Spacetime sends you a notification ahead of a rocket launch and then offers tons of information about it and its payload..

All the launches, all the data. And it’s free!

If you’re someone who likes to keep track of all the rockets being launched into space, you’re going to love Spacetime. It’s a free app, available for iPhone and iPad, that will alert you before any launch. And that’s just the start.

Once you know there’s a launch coming up Spacetime will show you all kinds of information about it. You’ll know where it’s launching from, who’s launching it, and even be given a link to a video showing the launch as well. It’s a fun time for all!

Get past and upcoming space launch information from agencies around the world & be notified when they launch. Spacetime helps you stay updated with the space industry by providing you detailed information on past and upcoming missions from NASA, SpaceX, ULA, Blue Origin, Roscosmos…and many more private and government agencies.

Notable features include:

  • Past & Upcoming launches
  • Launch notifications
  • Launch vehicles information
  • Add space events to your calendar
  • Widgets for glanceable info
  • Recent Space News
  • Space News Filtered by Agency

Again, all of this is free. In-app purchases are available if you want to throw the developer a few dollars for their work and boy should you do that. You can check Spacetime out for yourself – it’s in the App Store now.

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