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Microsoft’s Edge browser now officially supports Apple’s M1 Macs

What you need to know

  • Edge for Mac has now been updated to include support for Apple silicon.

Downloaders will be prompted to download either the Intel or Apple silicon version of the app.

Microsoft has now made the stable version of its Edge web browser available in both Intel and Apple silicon versions. Now, anyone who goes to download Edge for Mac will be prompted to select whether they want to download the Intel or “Apple chip” version of the browser.

Microsoft has been updating its browser to support Apple silicon for a few weeks with developer betas made available last month.

Microsoft Edge is a great alternative to Google Chrome for all kinds of reasons, not least the fact that it shouldn’t come with any of the Google cruft that some believe could slow their Mac down. I’ve yet to download and try Edge myself, but my Windows-using friends seem pretty smitten with it. But they were pretty happy with Internet Explorer at one point in time so I’m taking that with a pinch of salt.

You can download Edge for Mac right now. It is, of course, free.

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