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Monster Hunter Rise digital event 2021: Everything announced

Capcom held a Monster Hunter Rise direct on Twitch today.

During a brief digital presentation, viewers were shown a brand new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise and were given more details surrounding one of the locales and a few monsters that inhabit it. Curious to learn what was revealed? Here’s everything announced in the Monster Hunter Rise digital event in January 2021.

The new Monster Hunter Rise trailer

At the beginning of the digital event Ryozo Tujimoto, producer of Monster Hunter Rise, showed us a new trailer for the upcoming game.


To start things off, the digital event had us take a look at the Frost Islands. It’s said that this creepy area used to be a nest of large dragons. Here players will find a large variety of endemic life that helps you out on your hunts by improving your stats.


A number of new monsters were shown off during the event:

  • Goss Harag – fanged beast that attacks with ice it creates from own breath

  • Barioth – uses scales to walk around on icy surfaces

  • Khezu – lives in dark places like caves. Releases electricity and has long twisty neck

  • Great Baggi – causes sleep status effect by dousing prey with

  • Lagombi – glidesaround on its belly

  • Tigrex – aggressive monster that causes heavy damage with claws and jaw

  • Mitzuhune – secrets bubbles that greatly hinders your movement. (Not found in Frost lands

  • Magnamalo – flagship monster that attacks with a kind of gas that looks like hellfire.

Wirebug & Wyvern Riding

This is seriously one of the most exciting things revealed during the digital event. Once you’ve unlocked this ability, you can use Ironsilk to control and ride wild monsters. This can even be used to make monsters attack other monsters or make them slam into walls and inflict damage.


In the home base, you’ll be able to interact with a number of characters and helpful training things including:

  • Fugen – village elder

  • Training erea – allows you to attack a variety of objects and change their aspects to help with training

Monster Hunter Rise demo

The full game releases on March 26, 2021, but players will be able to get a taste of the action before then with the free demo which is available from January 7 until 3:00 EST on February 1, 2021

Yasunori Ichinose, the director of Monster Hunter Rise, states that anyone playing the demo will be able to experience all 14 weapon types in local and online co-op. Additionally, the demo lets you explore Shrine Ruines and experience the Wirebug assisted Wyvern Riding feature.

Monster Hunter Rise digital event

There are so many exciting things to look forward to

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