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Monster Hunter Rise for Switch: Must I play the previous games first?

Best answer: No. Each game has its own self-contained narrative and unique game mechanics that don’t require playing previous entries.

Does Monster Hunter Rise’s story require knowledge from previous games?

No. Monster Hunter Rise’s story is its own self-contained adventure. Most of the games’ plots are episodic, “Monster of the week” type stories that don’t carry over into different games.

The only exceptions are the expansion packs or enhanced editions of games that directly continue the base game’s story. These include Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Since Monster Hunter Rise is a brand-new entry, you won’t have to worry about that until the game gets its own expansion.

The Monster Hunter games do have continuity, but it is rarely mentioned in the games. At best, you may get references or easter eggs to previous games by conversing with NPCs or finding a giant monster’s remains.

Overview of the Monster Hunter universe?

Fans may be familiar with the game’s story if they’ve followed the trailers. Choose to play as a Monster Hunter tasked with protecting Kamura Village from a horde of monsters.

However, there are aspects of the Monster Hunter universe you may want to know, but the games themselves don’t delve into much. Questions like: Why are there walking, talking cats helping us out? Why can humans lift weapons the size of cars? Are there more monsters than humans in this world?

Since these are action games, the plots are focused on stopping whatever apex predator is disrupting the balance of nature rather than giving the player a history lesson. These lore tidbits aren’t necessary in the grand scheme of things but they will help immerse you into the world of Monster Hunter.

The world of Monster Hunter (which has no name) is a fantasy world primarily populated by giant monsters of various sizes and species. These monsters can range from prehistoric dinosaurs that breathe fire, towering dragons that manipulate nature, and eldritch abominations that look like they crawled out of someone’s nightmares.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the intelligent humanoid races whose population is relatively small by comparison. These races include:

  • Humans, the most common humanoid race in Monster Hunter and the ones you will play as. They are the most versatile race in terms of skills and make up the majority of hunters in the Hunter’s Guild.

  • Wyverians are the wisest and oldest of the humanoid races, capable of living for centuries. Most of them look like humans but with pointy ears, four fingers, and clawed feet. However, some of them look like small gnomes or massive giants.

  • Lynians are walking, talking cats. They either form tribes in the wild or join human society for a better chance of survival since they can speak their language.

To survive in this monster-ridden world, these various races formed the Hunter’s Guild. The Hunter Guild’s mission statement is to protect civilization from monster attacks and help maintain the ecosystem.

Hunters are mostly made up of humans, though there are wyverian and lynian hunters as well. Not anyone can be a hunter, though. There are specific requirements to meet. Hunters recruit people who possess superhuman strength obtained via a combination of genetics and non-stop training. Plus, they must be adaptable to any situation and have expertise in resource management while hunting.

A hunter’s job is to hunt down monsters threatening to destroy the local populace or ecosystem, gather food and resources, and escort trade caravans.

A hunter’s job is to hunt down monsters threatening to destroy the local populace or ecosystem, gather food and resources, and escort trade caravans.

Though, there are rules when it comes to hunting. Hunters are only allowed to hunt a monster if the Guild has approved it. This is to prevent overhunting a species to extinction, which could have a domino effect that severely damages the whole ecosystem. A monster is to be hunted only for food, crafting materials for weapons and armor, or to stop an invasive species from upsetting the food chain. Hunting without approval, aka poaching, is strictly forbidden.

There is also a Hunter Ranking system to help determine a hunter’s skill level and dictate what monster they can hunt. These ranks are Low Rank, High Rank, and Master Rank and prevent hunters from going after monsters too dangerous to handle.

Are there any previous games that play like Monster Hunter Rise?

The closest game that plays like Monster Hunter Rise would be Monster Hunter World. Nearly all the weapons’ moves, combos, and balance changes introduced Monster Hunter World carry over into Monster Hunter Rise. Except for the Clutch Claw, which has been replaced by the Wirebug in Monster Hunter Rise. So, if you have played that game first, you will be in familiar territory.

If you haven’t played Monster Hunter World, don’t worry. Every game has tutorial missions that will help new players learn how to play the game.

Not to mention, Monster Hunter Rise will carry over a practice room from Monster Hunter World. Here, you can learn how to use your weapons and practice combos before embarking on a quest.

That’s all you need to know

All the prerequisites you need before getting Monster Hunter Rise is a Nintendo Switch and one of the best microSD cards for it. Monster Hunter Rise is going to be a huge game, so you’ll definitely need a ton of storage space for it.

Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch releases March 26, 2021.

It’s time to hunt!

Monster Hunter Rise

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As a member of the Hunter’s Guild, you have been assigned to protect Kamura Village from hordes of dangerous monsters. You can either go it alone or bring your friends along for the ride in four-player co-op.

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