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Protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max with these great cases

While the iPhone 11 Pro Max is no longer the top-of-the-line iPhone (that honor now belongs to the iPhone 12 Pro Max), the iPhone 11 Pro is still a great iPhone to use. Even if it’s not the latest and greatest, no matter what, you should always protect your device with the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases (and the best screen protector while you’re at it) because that’s still an expensive piece of tech! No matter your style, there are plenty of case options out there to suit your needs. Here are our favorite iPhone 11 Pro Max cases available right now.

Game on

RAZER Arctech Slim Case

From $10 at Amazon

$30 at Best Buy

Staff pick

This slim case has heat dissipation vents to help keep your iPhone cooler after long gaming sessions.

Splash of color

Sankel Ultra Thin Clear Gradient Case

$5 at Amazon

These clear cases have a cool color gradient. The reinforced corners offer extra protection in the case of drops.

Built-in PopSocket

Otterbox Otter + Pop Case


$55 at Amazon

$60 at Best Buy

$60 at Otterbox

Otter + Pop has a built-in PopSocket that sits flush with the case and provides great protection. It’s also compatible with wireless charging.

As if nothing’s there

Totallee iPhone cases

Super thin

If you don’t want your giant phone to take up any more space, check out these cases. These are mainly to protect the device from scratches, and they come in several different finishes and colors.

$30 at Amazon

From $39 at Totallee

A beautiful selection

Woolnut Leather Case Cover for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Pricey yes, the Woolnut is nonetheless a wonderful case to purchase for your new 6.5-inch iPhone. Featuring vegetable retanned full-grain leather from Scandinavia, the case is available in black, green, and cognac.

$50 at Amazon

Iconic look

Twelve South BookBook vol. 2

The BookBook vol. 2 case for the iPhone 11 Pro Max makes your handset look like a mini leather book.

$70 at Amazon

All the essentials

OCASE Leather Wallet Flip Case

This leather case has three card slots for the essentials and has a secure magnetic closure. A kickstand makes watching videos easy.

$17 at Amazon

Splash of color

GVIEWIN Clear Design Case

Clear and cute

Take your pick of design with these clear cases. It’ll show off your phone but provide a nice bit of flair to it.

$15 at Amazon

Simple and protective

Oterkin 360° Protective Rugged Shockproof Slim Case

$19 at Amazon

This dual-layer case installs easily and gives your phone a slim and sleek profile while remaining fully protected. The design is simple yet professional.

Mount and stand everywhere

SMQCase Anti-Slip Case with Ring Kickstand

$10 at Amazon

This ultra-slim case protects your device. There is a built-in magnetic plate on the back for mounts, and a metal ring can serve as a kickstand and grip.

Bolt like lightning

ZIZO Bolt Series Case with Kickstand and Belt Holster

$19 at Amazon

$19 at Walmart

Versatility and unique

This uniquely designed case has an excellent grip, offers a kickstand, and comes with a holster if you prefer to carry your device on the belt.

Affordable and slim

Olixar Slim Gel Case

$8 at Amazon

This simple, clear gel case is soft and flexible to give you basic protection and show off your phone.

Elegant wood

KERF Wood Case

From $79 at KERF

All natural

Want something unique? You can make this case yours by engraving it, and there are several different wood finishes to choose from. It will definitely stand out from the crowd.

Tough leather

Nomad Rugged Leather Case

$50 at Walmart

$50 at Nomad

Beautiful patina

This is made from Horween leather and will develop a gorgeous patina over time. It has a slim profile and will protect your device while looking elegant.

Elegant leather wallet

Nomad Rugged Folio

$70 at Nomad

The Leather Folio is made with their Horween leather, and the front cover protects your screen. It also has three card slots for all of your essentials.

Classic wallet

Nomad Rugged Tri-Folio

$80 at Nomad

The Tri-Folio has one more card slot and a tri-fold like a traditional wallet. Your iPhone screen will be safe and protected.

Get active

Nomad Active Rugged Case

$50 at Nomad

The Active Rugged case is made with a hydrophobic leather that repels water and sweat. It’s great if you are more active.

Bask in the Moment

Nomad Rugged Case for Moment

$50 at Nomad

For the photographer

Nomad’s new Rugged Case for Moment works seamlessly with Moment lenses. Just attach your Moment lens to the back by rotating it in, and you’re good to go. Moment lenses are sold separately.

It’s all about choice

Case-Mate Cases

From $34 at Best Buy

Cute, stylish, and protective

Case-Mate has a ton of different styles, designs, colors, and patterns to choose from. Find your favorite and keep your iPhone safe.

Unique style

Sonix Cases

From $35 at Sonix

Sonix’s variety of cases protect with cuteness. From holographic snakeskin to kawaii prints, you’re bound to find something that fits your style.

Get a grip

Grip2ü Boost with Kickstand

$30 at Amazon

$30 at Grip2ü

Grip2ü cases have built-in grips to keep the iPhone in your hand. It even has a kickstand to make video viewing easier.

Ultimate protection

Otterbox Defender Series Case

From $22 at Amazon

$45 at Best Buy

$45 at Walmart

No matter what life throws at you, the signature Otterbox Defender will be able to take it. Defender provides the best rugged protection.

Slim but protective

Otterbox Commuter Series Case

From $20 at Amazon

$40 at Best Buy

Otterbox Commuter is protective like the Defender but with slightly less bulk. It’s also much more affordable and comes in many colors.

All-around protection

Otterbox Strada Series Case

From $52 at Amazon

$70 at Otterbox

The Strada is a folio-style case that will protect and carry the essentials with three card slots. Everything is secure with a magnetic closure.

Slim protection

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case

From $20 at Amazon

From $50 at Best Buy

From $19 at Walmart

Symmetry comes in plenty of colors and designs to fit your style. It’s highly protective but has a slim and sleek profile, unlike Defender.

Totally waterproof

Lifeproof FRĒ Series Case

From $55 at Amazon

$81 at Best Buy

$49 at Walmart

Lifeproof’s FRĒ case is the ultimate waterproof case. No drop of water will be getting into this one, guaranteed.

Urban style

Lifeproof Slam Series Case

$40 at Lifeproof

Lifeproof Slam cases have a slim profile and uniquely cool designs that are perfect for urban life. They’re also super protective.

Everday protection

Lifeproof NËXT Series Case

$80 at Best Buy

$30 at Walmart

This clear case has a colored bumper for a splash of color. It sealed tightly to protect from dirt, snow, and drops.

Flip it

Lifeproof FLiP Series Case

$60 at Lifeproof

The FLiP allows you to flip the back open to stash up to three cards and some cash. The tough case protects your phone for everything else.

Stylish flair

Velvet Caviar cases

$30 at Amazon

$30 at Velvet Caviar

Fashionista style

Velvet Caviar’s cases are tough, durable, and oh so stylish. There are a ton of designs to choose from, and they’re sure to turn some heads!

Slim but tough protection

Speck Presidio Cases

From $14 at Amazon

From $21 at Best Buy

From $30 at Speck

A classic favorite

Speck’s Presidio line comes in many different styles, from grippy to glittery to wallets and folios. They’re all slim and protective.

Get a grip on it

Smartish Gripzilla Armor Case

$20 at Amazon

From $20 at Walmart

$20 at Smartish

The Gripzilla case has grooved sides to help you keep a safe grip on your iPhone. It has a slim profile but is still very protective and durable.

Dance away

Smartish Dancing Queen

$30 at Amazon

$30 at Walmart

$30 at Smartish

This leather wallet case has five card slots and a cash pocket. It also comes with a leather strap so you can carry your iPhone like a purse.

Hard wallet

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

$15 at Amazon

From $15 at Walmart

$15 at Smartish

This sturdy and durable case has a pocket that can hold up to three cards on the back. A slot makes it easy to push your cards out when needed.

Soft leather wallet

Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol. 2

$24 at Amazon

From $25 at Walmart

$25 at Smartish

This slim wallet case is made with leather instead of hard plastic. A slot still allows you to push cards out to access, and there’s a kickstand.

Everybody’s kung fu fighting

Smartish Kung Fu Grip Case

$12 at Amazon

From $12 at Walmart

$12 at Smartish

The grippy texture of this case makes it easy to hold your iPhone, so you drop it less. It’s ultra-light and slim, so no extra bulk.

Affordable quality

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case

$12 at Amazon

$20 at Spigen

Oldie but goodie

Liquid Crystal is soft and flexible, so it’s easy to get on. It’s crystal clear to show off your iPhone color and won’t yellow.

Tough and durable

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

$14 at Amazon

$30 at Spigen

This clear hardshell case shows off your iPhone but has colored bumpers to protect it from drops and impact.

Barely there

Spigen Thin Fit Case

$11 at Amazon

Spigen’s Thin Fit is a super minimal case to protect your device from scratches and scuffs. It will not protect it from big drops.

Legendary wallet

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

From $43 at Amazon

$55 at Walmart

$45 at Mujjo

Mujjo uses high-quality premium leather to make this wallet case that holds around three cards. The new Alpine Green is gorgeous.

Professional slim

Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

From $42 at Amazon

$50 at Walmart

$40 at Mujjo

Don’t need a wallet but like high-quality leather? The leather case from Mujjo is rich to the touch, and that green is lit!

Premium engineering

UAG Monarch

$60 at Amazon

$60 at Best Buy

$25 at Walmart

The Monarch will turn heads with the premium design and engineering to give you super-rugged protection from any dop.

Clear and rugged

UAG Plasma

From $25 at Amazon

$40 at Best Buy

$40 at Newegg

Plasma is a rugged case with a soft core. It’s clear so you can show off your iPhone but ensure it can withstand anything.

Military level protection

UAG Pathfinder

$40 at Amazon

$40 at Best Buy

The Pathfinder is another tough and rugged military-level case that will protect your iPhone from anything.

Rugged wallet

UAG Metropolis

$20 at Amazon

$20 at Urban Armor Gear

This rugged and durable case has an integrated wallet for all of your essential cards and cash.

Rugged elegance

Waterfield Designs Ranger Phone Case

$89 at Waterfield Designs

This holster is made of genuine premium leather and easily hooks onto your belt, pants, or strap. The magnetic fold buckle will secure your phone in place, so your iPhone 11 Pro Max is always nearby. For a closer look, check out our full WaterField Designs Ranger iPhone Case review.


Incipio Aerolite

From $14 at Amazon

$40 at Best Buy

The Aerolite is a slim case that will still provide ample protection thanks to the ribbed interior that disperses shock and provide cushioning. It’s also very lightweight and flexible.

Military-grade protection

Incipio DualPro Dual Layer Case

$12 at Amazon

The DualPro consists of two tough layers to give your iPhone 11 Pro Max the ultimate military-level protection. A shock absorbing inner core will take in all impact, and the scratch-resistant polycarbonate outer shell protects it from everything else.

Simple practicality

Incipio NGP Pure

$10 at Amazon

$16 at Walmart

$20 at Incipio

The NGP Pure is a simple one-piece case that wraps around your device and provides everyday protection from scratches, scuffs, and drops. It’s thin and flexible and comes in several colors.

Limited edition shiny

Incipio DualPro Platinum

$30 at Incipio

Ohhhh, new shiny!

This limited edition case is for the 20th anniversary of Incipio and comes in a unique iridescent holographic finish. It offers the military-grade dual-layer protection of the regular DualPro.

Tough but elegant

Caseology Skyfall

$8 at Amazon

$25 at Caseology

This minimal case provides ample protection with the reinforced bumper, which also adds grip. The back is clear to show off your phone, but the bumper comes in various colors.

Simple geometry

Caseology Parallax

$14 at Amazon

$25 at Caseology

Caseology’s signature Parallax case features a textured geometrical pattern on the back that adds grip and style. It’s slim and lightweight as well, providing great, stylish protection.

Military legion

Caseology Legion Matte

$8 at Amazon

$30 at Caseology

Caseology’s Legion is a rugged and tough military-grade case that will protect your iPhone from everything. It’s double-layered with shock absorption and reinforced corners.

Clear, shiny protection

Caseology Waterfall

$8 at Amazon

$20 at Caseology

Caseology Waterfall is a simple, clear case that will show off your iPhone in all of its glory. The reinforced bumper ensures your phone is safe and sound through the toughest of falls.

Lightweight durability

Caseology Vault

$8 at Amazon

$15 at Caseology

This lightweight TPU case is also quite tough and rugged. It’s slim but has military-grade protection to make sure that your iPhone is safe and sound no matter what you throw it at.

Pop of color

Caseology Nano Pop

$11 at Amazon

$15 at Caseology

This soft silicone case snaps on to your iPhone easily to add a splash of color. It’s lightweight and will protect your iPhone from everyday scratches, scuffs, and light tumbles.

Unique look

Mous Leather Protective Case Contour

From $26 at Amazon

Lined with AiroShock, Mous’ lineup of leather cases offers impact protection in a super slim design. Offered in various colors, the case includes real leather and supports wireless charging.

Stylish and practical

Shakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

$37 at Amazon

The Snakehive case is made from soft matte velvet-like European Nubuck leather that will age beautifully over time. It includes a secure rubberized TUP holder to keep your phone in place. Available in multiple color choices.

Luxurious leather

Lucrin Geneva Leather Cases and Sleeves

$69 at Amazon

From $69 at Lucrin

Exquisite Leather

Lucrin Geneva has a large variety of cases and sleeves made with premium luxurious leather. You can go with a simple sleeve, protective cases, wallet cases, leather holsters, and even pouches. There are a ton of style options and colors to choose from.

Super slim ultra protection

Catalyst Impact Case

$50 at Amazon

$50 at Catalyst

This slim but super protective case has been tested to withstand drops up to 10-feet. It has a premium feel and comfortable grip, making it hard to drop your phone. There is also a lanyard included making sure you get the most out of those awesome cameras without fear of dropping your new iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Soft touch with PopSocket

Otterbox Figura + Pop Series

$60 at Apple

$60 at Otterbox

The Figura + Pop Series is exclusive to Apple and a new addition to the Otterbox line. It is similar to the original Otter + Pop Symmetry Case, but this has a soft-touch finish that is quite nice. It also comes in new colors than the original.

Tough but clear

Otterbox Lumen Series

$40 at Apple

$40 at Otterbox

If you want Otterbox protection but still want to show off your beautiful iPhone, then Lumen is perfect. It’s a clear case that lets your iPhone’s natural color shine through, but it is as tough and durable as Otterbox cases. It comes with a splash of color on the bumper.

Aim for the cosmos

i-Blason Cosmo Series

$19 at Amazon

$22 at Walmart

The i-Blason Cosmo Series case features a gorgeous marble design with pink, white, grays, and rose gold accents. It’s made with a flexible TPU material, and it also comes with a built-in screen protector.

Protection with the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases

Even though the iPhone 11 Pro Max is the previous generation iPhone, it’s still a fantastic device that is more than capable for plenty of people. It’s also still expensive, even if it is from last year, so you’ll want to protect your investment with the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases. Not only will you keep your phone safe and secure, but the resell value will stay higher when it’s in mint condition. So you’ll want to protect it with the best iPhone 11 Pro Max cases and screen protectors that you can get your hands on!

Our all-time favorite is the Otterbox Otter + Pop case. It’s protective, has a built-in PopSocket that is flush and ready to go anytime for your selfies, and it works with wireless charging. It’s everything you would need.

We also enjoyed the Razer Arctech cases, because they have a nice soft-touch finish that is nice to hold and adds additional grip. The design helps keep your phone cooler and prevents overheating, so you can continue to game without worrying about overheating your phone. And if you are into leather, then Nomad’s Active Rugged Leather Case is amazing. It’s made with genuine leather, but it’s also waterproof, so you can take your phone with you to the gym without worry. It’s the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity.

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