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Protect your Mac mini in transit with these cases

One of the advantages of owning a compact Mac mini computer by Apple is that it’s easy to take it from place to place. As with any expensive electronic device, it’s best to use a high-quality case to protect your investment. Some are made specifically for the Mac mini, while others are general computer bags that will easily tote your Mac mini about safely. Here are our five picks for the best Mac mini cases.

So much more

SwissDigital Laptop Backpack

Staff Pick

The multipurpose TSA-approved SwissDigital backpack includes separate pockets for large storage and small items. There’s also one with RFID protection so your personal information can’t be stolen. The backpack even includes a USB charging port for added convenience.

$55 at Amazon$71 at Walmart

Simple and versitile

Hermitshell Travel Case

This is a case designed specifically for the Mac mini that includes plenty of room for your computer and the power cord. It’s also a hard-case pack with a soft foam interior, so your Mac mini is fully protected from accidental drops.

$25 at Amazon

Durable protection

Hitch Crossbody Brief

With the Crossbody Brief, you can protect your computer in style. It’s available with long-lasting, full-grain leather or waxed canvas with a high-grade neoprene interior. There’s plenty of room inside for your Mac mini and all of its accessories.

$249 at Waterfield Designs

Roomy solution

Kroser Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag

This charcoal black Kroser Briefcase can store your Mac mini and some accessories too. It includes a laptop pocket that can carry up to a 16-inch laptop, a tablet carry sleeve, and other convenient pockets and pouches.

$34 at Amazon

Tote that Mac mini!

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one solution from SwissDigital or something truly unique like the leather option from Hitch Crossbody Brief, the products above are ideal for your Apple Mac mini. Some are more protective, while others tend more towards a stylish design, but each serves its purpose well.

Consider your needs carefully before making a purchase. Are you also carrying around a monitor and accessories, or just the Mac mini all by itself? Buy the best Mac mini case that matches your needs and style choices, and soon you’ll be toting that Mac mini happily around town.

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