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Put emoji, math, and other symbols at your fingertips with a custom Mac software keyboard

Podcasters and sound engineers often put together what’s called a “soundboard,” which is a collection of frequently used short audio clips that they can trigger with a click. Sometimes these are used for humorous purposes, such as on “morning zoo” radio shows, but you find them used in aural gameshows (for right/wrong answers), and for quick access to transition music, too.

Some people need the equivalent of a “soundboard” for keyboard symbols. Modern fonts can contain tens of thousands of unique characters (or “glyphs”). A large portion correspond to glyphs used in scripts (like the Latin script for most of western Europe and the Americas, and Devanagari used in a large number of southeast Asian languages). But there are piles of specialized symbols for math, phonetics, currency, and, yes, there are emoji.

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