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Score the latest Beats Flex Bluetooth earbuds at a 20% discount

Though Apple has proven it can produce extremely popular audio products with its own AirPods lineup, it still continues to release earbuds and headphones under the Beats brand. The latest model to hit the market was the Beats Flex which debuted alongside the iPhone 12 and HomePod mini last fall.

At just $50, these neckband-style Bluetooth earbuds are designed to be an affordable entry point to Apple-made audio devices and right now you can snag them at 20% off via Amazon.

The discount applies to all four available colorways — Beats Black, Yuzu Yellow, Flame Blue, and Smoke Gray — dropping them down to just $40. This is the first major discount these earbuds have seen since their release and, therefore, a record low price for them. The deal is matched at Walmart and Target.

Boasting a battery life of 12 hours per charge and a fancy mechanism that will automatically pause or play audio when the buds are magnetically attached together or pulled apart, the Beats Flex have a solid feature set for the price. The earbuds feature a mic and controls on the cable and charge via USB-C.

The Beats Flex feature Apple’s proprietary W1 wireless chip for seamless pairing with, and automatic switching between, your Apple devices. That being said, they also work great over Bluetooth with any other phone or PC platform.

In our Beats Flex review we praised the comfort of these earbuds as well as the W1 connectivity and affordable price. They’re cheap enough to give buyers of iPhones a relatively inexpensive way to listen to their new iPhones which don’t come with their own earbuds in the box. With 20% off, this is one of the best Beats deals around right now.

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