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Second ‘Tehran’ promo video reveals fear is a real-world spying tool

A second “Conversations with a Real Spy” promoting the Apple TV series “Tehran” has covered the use of fear in espionage, with a former spy explaining how fear management and the potential chance of being caught drives an operative through a task.

In promoting the thriller “Tehran” on Apple TV+, Apple has released a series of videos to its Apple TV YouTube channel titled “Conversations with a Real Spy,” explaining what it is like to perform real-life espionage. The first video covered the tradecraft, while a new second video released on Friday delved into fear.Former spy Orna Klein explained that fear wasn’t something used as a weapon against someone, but was an element of the job that needed to be managed. While other tasks, such as hacking skills or impersonation, could be trained over time, the management of fear is a harder thing to deal with.

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