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There probably won’t be an iPhone 13… ever…

A new report says this year’s iPhone will be a ’12S’, and that there “probably” won’t be an iPhone 13 ever.

What you need to know

  • Serial Apple leaker Jon Prosser says that this year’s new iPhone will actually be called the iPhone 12S.
  • In the latest episode of Front Page Tech he also said there “probably” won’t be an iPhone 13 ever because of the “negative connotations” of the number.

A new report from Apple leaker Jon Prosser states that this year’s rumored iPhone 13 will actually be called the ‘iPhone 12S’, and that Apple may never release an iPhone 13 because of the “negative connotations” surrounding the number.

In the latest episode of Front Page Tech, Prosser noted a slew of iPhone rumors that dropped over the past few days.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman stated on Friday, January 15, that Apple “isn’t planning major changes” to this year’s iPhone lineup, and that engineers internally consider the 2021 iPhone to be an ‘S’ upgrade.

Prosser also cited his own response to a tweet from Apple Track’s Sam Kohl:

With a simple emoji, Prosser lent his own weight to Kohl’s prediction that “the 2021 iPhone will be called iPhone 12s (not iPhone 13). Prosser said that the only “major” updates coming to the 2021 iPhone were a smaller notch, 120Hz, and an under-display fingerprint scanner for Touch ID. He also stated he was told the next iPhone would be called the ‘iPhone 12S’.

Perhaps more shockingly, however, Prosser has revealed in his latest video that we may never get an iPhone called ‘iPhone 13’ because of the “negative connotations” that surround the number. From his latest video:

But that’s not all, I was also told that we probably won’t ever get an iPhone 13. I dunno if you know this, but elsewhere 13, the number 13 has a bunch of negative connotations along with it… it’s bad luck. So it probably is iPhone 12S and there won’t be an iPhone 13.

Apple is rumored to be planning a 2021 lineup similar to the iPhone 12, with four models of iPhone in three sizes. If these latest reports are correct, it seems we can expect minor tweaks and an ‘S’ upgrade akin to previous years, and no ‘iPhone 13’ ever.

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