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These HomeKit-enabled light switches are the best of the best

The best HomeKit light switches are a quick and easy way to modernize your home with smart capabilities. HomeKit light switches give you the ability to control your home’s lighting through the Home app or Siri, and they can be used in scenes and through automation with other HomeKit accessories. Here is our list of the best HomeKit smart light switches that you can buy today.

Most compatible

Lutron Caséta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit

Staff Favorite

The Lutron Caséta dimmer switch uses clear connect technology for wireless communication to the included hub, making connections fast and reliable. This dimmer switch has brightness controls built-in and adjusts with Apple’s Home App, the Caséta App, or through any one of the popular voice assistants. This dimmer also works without a neutral wire, which is great for older homes.

$83 at Amazon$100 at Best Buy$94 at Walmart

Smart and affordable

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Wall Switch

This smart switch from Meross is a wallet-friendly way to add HomeKit without breaking the bank. While it is cheap, we found this switch to be incredibly responsive and reliable in our review, and it works with HomeKit right out of the box. Plus, Meross offers a three-way variant that works for more complex wiring scenarios.

$21 at Amazon$20 at Newegg

Control center

Brilliant Home Control

The Brilliant Home Control is our pick for those looking for the ultimate in-wall command center. It may look complicated, but the Home Control installs just like every other light switch, and some models support up to four switches. Through HomeKit, you can toggle and dim connected lights through the Home app or via Siri.

$299 at Amazon$299 at Walmart$299 at Home Depot

Easy setup

Eve Light Switch

Eve’s Light Switch features a clean, minimalistic design that doesn’t scream “smart” when installed on the wall. The switch has just one solid-state capacitive touchpad for controls, using a tap to toggle it both on and off. The Eve Light Switch uses Bluetooth for its HomeKit connection, which directly pairs with the iOS Home App with no Wi-Fi settings or account needed.

$50 at Amazon$50 at Apple$65 at Walmart


Legrand Smart Light Switch

The Legrand Smart Light Switch connects to your home network over 2.4ghz Wi-Fi without the need for a hub. Wi-Fi makes it incredibly easy to get up and running right out of the box, and it works with all of the voice assistants, including HomeKit. This switch can also work with 3-way installations using a separate, but lower cost, remote.

$35 at Amazon

Ready to go

Sylvania Smart+ Light Switch

The Sylvania Smart+ In-Wall Light Switch includes everything you need to get up and running in minutes. Inside the box is all of the necessary hardware for installation, the switch, and a screw-less wall-plate that gives it a clean look. Bluetooth connectivity requires just a scan of the HomeKit code to get started with the smarts.

$36 at Amazon$50 at Walmart

Nightlight too

iDevices Wi-Fi Smart Wall Switch

The iDevices Wi-Fi Smart Wall Switch sports all of the smart essentials: remote controls, schedules, timers, and automation through HomeKit, all without a dedicated hub. It doesn’t end there, though, as this switch also includes a clever, customizable LED light that works as a nightlight or even as a status light for other HomeKit accessories.

$82 at Amazon$100 at Walmart$80 at Newegg


Aqara Smart Wall Switch Double Rocker

Aqara’s Double Rocker — available in neutral and neutral-free options, packs two individual light switches into one. The additional switch can control other fixtures like fans, and it also works with a HomeKit button if you don’t have anything to wire to it. However, it requires the Aqara Hub to get it up and running.

$40 at Amazon

Safe and secure

Wemo Smart Light Switch 2nd Generation

The hub-free, UL certified Wemo Smart Light Switch focuses on safety and reliability with overload and overcurrent protection. Smart features include support for HomeKit, Alexa, and the Google Assistant, along with the Wemo app over Wi-Fi, enabling schedules and timers. If that weren’t enough, this switch also includes an extra-long three-year warranty.

$40 at Amazon

Turn it on

The best HomeKit light switches make it easy to control one or more lights without replacing your existing light bulbs. Siri support is also available with all HomeKit devices, so you will be able to speak phrases like “Hey Siri, turn on the living room lights” while the virtual assistant takes care of it all.

Are you looking for a light switch that is compatible with all of the major smart home platforms? Lutron’s Caséta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit gets our recommendation, and it also happens to be one of the fastest responding and most reliable switches on the market. Plus, this dimmer switch does not require a neutral wire, making it compatible with old and new homes.

If you want an easy to install HomeKit-only switch, then the Eve Light Switch gets the job done and does so with style. This switch connects to HomeKit via Bluetooth, so you don’t need to type in a long Wi-Fi password or register for an account for pairing.

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