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Thirstic tells you how much water to drink based on activity & the weather

What you need to know

  • Thirstic can track your water intake to make sure you’re drinking enough.
  • The app can check the current weather and pull your activity data from the Health app to make sure you’re drinking enough.

Thirstic uses more data than most water trackers to make sure you’re getting the right hydration.

The App Store is not short of water tracking apps. But few, if any, do what Thirstic does. By plugging into the Health app to check on your activity and watching the weather outside, Thirstic can track exactly how much water you should be drinking based on how much you’re using.

Thirstic is the perfect fitness and health companion. Doing your regular workout on Tuesday evening? Thirstic will learn the patterns and update your suggested water intake automatically. Heatwave on the horizon? Thirstic will automatically increase your suggested intake.

Because of that, Thirstic can adapt to your usage and then remind you to drink water at just the right time. Oh, and there’s an Apple Watch app to keep all of this on your wrist, too.

Thirstic features include:

Key features:

  • Log your water intake with a beautiful and simple user interface
  • Helps you drinking enough water during your day by taking into account your activity and the weather
  • Adapts to your activity and workouts by learning patterns and automatically updating your suggested water intake
  • Adapts to weather conditions by increasing your suggested water intake on hot days
  • Assists you drinking water in small amounts throughout your day, instead of only emphasizing your total water intake goal
  • Sends you reminders if you reach a specified „thirst threshold” (for example 300 ml or 10 fl oz)
  • Allows to change the parameters of your water needs estimation, resulting in higher or lower daily water intake goals
  • No health or activity data leaves your device and your water intake is securely stored in your Health app

You can download Thirstic from the App Store for free now, with some features requiring the Premium subscription to unlock.

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