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This is the minimalist RSS reader you’ve been looking for

What you need to know

  • ‘An Otter RSS’ is an RSS reader for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that doesn’t go over the top with features.

Or at least the “okayest” one.

As far as names for apps go, ‘An Otter RSS’ might be one of the strangest. But it does the job without any frills, somewhat like the app itself. And that’s the whole point with developer Josh Holtz building an RSS reader that does everything it needs to do without all the cruft some other RSS readers cram in.

It all starts with the way the app syncs – all of your RSS feeds sync via iCloud rather than a third-party service like Feedly. Adding a feed is simply a case of entering a URL and letting the app find the RSS feed’s address by itself. Easy. Want to migrate from another app? OPML importing is supported. As is exporting, in case you were wondering.

“An Otter RSS Reader” is the world’s newest most okayest RSS reader with a high key adorable otter icon!

Grouping feeds is just as easy – throw them into folders “you know… because organization is important.”

On top of that, we have some gorgeous widgets that put your feeds on your Home screen. And that’s pretty much it.

Holtz built this app to let people get at their RSS feeds, read what needs to be read, and then get out again. It definitely delivers on that and it’s super quick to navigate around in-app, too. If you’re a fan of RSS, this is definitely one app you should check out.

You can download ‘An Otter RSS’ from the App Store for free right now. In-app purchases are available that give Holtz a tip for his work and unlock new app icons, too.

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