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Tim Cook tweeted about App Tracking Transparency, targeting Facebook

What you need to know

  • Tim Cook tweeted about iOS 14’s App Tracking Transparency feature, using Facebook as an example.
  • Facebook has been very vocal about its feelings about the feature.

Are you listening, Facebook?

Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a message to Facebook last night, using Twitter as the medium. The social network has been outspoken about iOS 14’s App Tracking Transparency feature, saying that it will harm small businesses. Cook’s tweet explained the situation – using Facebook as an example.

The App Tracking Transparency feature will require apps to ask users for their permission before they track them as they move between apps and services. It’s that process that allows Facebook to gather information on users, and it isn’t happy – saying it will impact the ability of small businesses to function.

Cook disagrees.

Previous examples of privacy features offered by Apple have used a placeholder app name. Not this time!

Facebook is, of course, in the wrong here. As Cook points out, nobody is stopping the tracking from taking place – users are just being asked to give their permission for it to happen first.

Facebook, perhaps rightly, knows that nobody is going to give it permission.

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