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Track your movies and TV shows with the stunning FilmNoir

What you need to know

  • FilmNoir is a new Trakt client for iPhone.
  • You can keep track of your TV shows and movies with the new app.

You’ll find information about your favorite content as well as trailers and more.

We’ve all been watching more TV shows and movies at home for obvious reasons and I know I still have a ton of content that I’ve yet to get around to. FilmNoir is a new iPhone app that you can use to keep tabs on everything you’ve watched, or want to watch. And it’s pretty gorgeous as well.

Based around the service, FilmNoir provided all kinds of information about TV shows and movies, with the following features on offer.

  • Syncing with
  • Track your TV show progress
  • Full history of everything you’ve watched
  • Ratings
  • Discover new films and TV shows
  • Personal lists
  • Featured lists
  • News
  • Trailers

All of that comes in an app that looks the part, somehow managing to provide tons of information about your content without being overwhelming. The interface looks and feels like a modern iPhone app, as it should considering it launched just a couple of days ago!

I’ve been testing FilmNoir out for a few weeks now and it’s been pretty great. You can download it yourself from the App Store. It’s free, with in-app purchases available to unlock syncing and TV show progress tracking.

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