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Twelve South Announces ParcSlope Stand for MacBook and iPad

Accessory maker Twelve South has today announced the dual-purpose ParcSlope stand for MacBook and iPad, offering improved comfort and airflow.

Users can benefit from better ergonomics and cooling for MacBooks, while iPads can take advantage of the stand’s 18-degree angle for typing or sketching with Apple Pencil. The stand can hold every ‌iPad‌ model, except the iPad mini, in landscape or portrait mode.

Like many other popular Twelve South stands, ParcSlope is constructed from a single piece of metal, offers built-in cable management, and is available in matte black. The racetrack-shaped top rest contains soft ridges that allow the lid of a MacBook to hinge open freely, and the notched front lip enables users to open their MacBook with just one hand.

The new Twelve South ParcSlope is now available online for $59.99.

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