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Twitter app Aviary gets its 100th update, celebrates with a number game

What you need to know

  • Popular Twitter app Aviary just received its 100th app update.
  • A number game has been added to celebrate the occasion.
  • The apps last couple of updates have changed the app’s whole feel.

Wait until you see this list of changes.

Popular Twitter app Aviary has received its 100th update, adding a cool new number game to celebrate. Alongside this update, the last couple of also made some big changes – making the latest build of Aviary behave completely different from the first.

While some users have inexplicably complained about the number of updates Aviary receives, the sheer number shows how committed the app’s developer is. Just check out this list of changes that have gone into the last couple of updates.

  • Added a number game to celebrate 100 updates (accessible via settings)
  • Added the ability to view recent popular, hot, and rising tweets across Twitter (via the trending section)
  • Added the ability to toggle the type of replies from recent to popular (accessible via the ••• button in tweet replies)
  • Added gingerbread alt icons
  • Added a tip jar
  • Added the ability to translate profile pic and header image text
  • Added the option to hide detail metrics via settings
  • Quicker loading of parent tweets and replies
  • User suggestions when composing tweets now display followed and recently mentioned users first
  • Links are now shortened in tweets by default
  • Link preview cache is now also cleared when clearing all cache
  • Tweet detail metrics now update accordingly
  • Videos in timelines now only play if they’re currently visible
  • Various scroll performance enhancements
  • The timeline isn’t limited to only displaying 150 tweets anymore
  • Failed tweets now display an alert
  • Improved image loading
  • Smaller app size
  • Fixed issue where like/retweet indicators and counts wouldn’t update
  • Fixed issue where parent tweets would fail to load at times
  • Fixed issue where media would flicker in profile timelines at times if there weren’t many tweets to display
  • Fixed issue where images wouldn’t always resize correctly
  • Fixed issue where link previews would sometimes display the wrong preview content
  • Fixed issue where scroll positions would jump around at times
  • Fixed issue where hiding bars when scrolling with translucent bars disabled wouldn’t hide the tab bar correctly
  • Fixed issue where the app would crash on launch at times
  • Fixed various crashes

And then consider the number of updates that app from a giant company gets, despite it being full of bugs.

Aviary is also now available across iPhone, iPad, and Mac for the ridiculously low price of just $1.99. That’s less than two dollars for three apps!

You can grab Aviary from the App Store now.

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