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WaterField AirPods Max Shield Case review: The case that Apple should have included

In my AirPods Max review, I noted that Apple’s headphones sound and feel great, but are perhaps a little on the heavy side and cost more than they’re worth. I also noted that the so-called Smart Case is neither smart nor a case, and is an absolutely embarrassing piece of junk.

Apple should have included a real case with the AirPods Max. In fact, for the price, it should have included a nice premium leather or nylon case. Fortunately, WaterField Designs has just such a case for $99 ($89 for the nylon version).

It’s absurd that you need to buy something like this after shelling out $550 for the headphones themselves, but that’s not WaterField’s fault. For its part, the company has made a simple and fantastic case that is reasonably price for what you get.

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