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Waterfield Designs releases new colors for its AirPods Max case

Protect your new AirPods Max with these vegan-friendly cases.

What you need to know

  • Waterfield Designs has announced four new colors for its AirPods Max Shield Case.
  • All of the new colors feature vegan-friendly fabrics.

Waterfield Designs was one of the first, if not the first, third-party accessory maker to release an alternative case for Apple’s AirPods Max wireless over-ear headphones. Apple’s own Smart Case for the AirPods Max has been almost universally lambasted for its awkward design and lack of protection for the headphones.

Waterfield Design’s case, in stark comparison, brings full protection for AirPods Max while also providing additional pockets to carry things like a charger or charging cable. It also can fit the Smart Case inside its case, but it’s unclear if there is anyone who would want to actually use their Smart Case after picking up an alternative.

In order to provide customers with even more options, Waterfield Designs has announced new colors for its AirPods Max Shield Case. The first colors, which add a Blue, Red, and Green, come in what the company calls “high-performance Forza textile.” According to the company, Forza is made up of tightly-woven nylon threads that result in a case that is both highly durable and water-resistant.

The company has also released a new Black in a “rugged 1050 denier ballistic nylon.” Both of the new fabric options are also vegan friendly.

All of the new colors will be part of the company’s next production run and ship as soon as February 19. You can order all of them now for $89 at Waterfield Designs.

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