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What to expect from Apple’s Q1 2021 earnings on Jan. 27

On January 27, Apple will disclose the results of its critical first fiscal quarter for 2021, that spans the 2020 holiday season. Here’s what factors impact this quarter, which is expected to be a record-breaking one.

The first financial results of the year is always Apple’s biggest in terms of revenue, partly due to it covering the holiday sales period, but mostly because it also contains the first near-full quarter of sales for Apple’s annual flagship iPhone refresh. As with the previous few quarters, Q1 2021 will be an unusual one for the company, as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may have a direct effect on sales.The launches in question consist of the iPhone 12 generation of smartphones, including the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Reports claim demand for the iPhone is high, prompting Apple to allegedly increase production in early 2021 to a level that’s supposedly 30% higher than iPhone orders one year prior.

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